Publish well-written mortgage articles without typing a word

Want to become a thought leader in the mortgage industry? There’s no way around it: You’ve got to post blog content on a regular schedule.

And not just any content. Your posts need to be unique. Well-written. Valuable to your readers.

But carving out the time to brainstorm, draft, and publish a blog? That’s basically a pipe dream with your busy schedule.

That’s why leadPops created our ConversionPro Blog Service. We craft, edit, and post high-quality mortgage blogs on your website every month — so you can generate more mortgage leads.

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Publish Well-Written Mortgage Articles without Typing a Word leadPops Google Search Ads

The best leads are the ones you teach

The Best Leads are The Ones You Teach

When you post articles that inform your potential clients about the complicated mortgage process, you’re actually building your own credibility.

Because when you teach readers what they need to know, they start to look to you for guidance. They think of you first when they have mortgage questions. They follow you on social media, join your list, and look for more ways to hear from you.

Before too long, those readers will turn into clients.

Turn My Blog Into A Lead-gen Machine

But building a blog is tricky and time−consuming

Feeling a little crushed by the idea of adding “grow a library of industry-specific blog content” to your towering stack of to−dos?

You’re not alone. Just the idea of blogging is a nightmare for most LOs.

Carving out the time to research current topics, come up with an angle, and sit down to write... well, most LOs would rather undergo a root canal.

Sure, you could try hiring a writer to create content for you.

But how many writers really know the mortgage industry? (Those that do can get expensive... fast.)

Plus, just hitting “Publish” on one post won’t bring you clients overnight.

You’d have to lock your writer in a room for a month with a new MacBook, a box of protein bars, and a 30-gallon vat of coffee to get enough content to build an audience.

Not to mention someone’s got to do the marketing and web development coordination to make sure your blog readers get on your email list!

If you still want to do this yourself, you’ll need to start studying digital marketing ASAP — because well-written content is worthless if your website isn’t optimized to convert leads.

Depending on how you choose to go about it, you might end up with the same caliber of technology that leadPops clients have. (AKA the seamless lead-generating tech we created for Zillow and Bankrate.)

Orrrrrrr you might end up with a Frankenstein website that doesn’t do what you wanted, a pile of invoices from your writer and developer, and no idea what to try next.

Instead of piling even more tasks on that crowded list of yours, let leadPops publish great content for you.

Building a Blog is tricky and Time-Consuming

Not all content is optimized to convert, but yours will be

Not All Content is Optimized to Convert, But Yours Will be

A useful blog that isn't optimized to convert leads is STILL a waste of money.

Why? Because your visitors will come to you to get their questions answered... then skip away to sign a loan with someone else.

The longer somebody stays engaged on your leadPops ConversionPro Blog, the more likely they are to become a lead. Keeping them on your blog requires conversion rate optimization (CRO) expertise.

At leadPops, we’re experts in conversion optimization. Most web designers aren’t. Most writers aren’t, either.

You’re getting a fully managed service that gets you more clients, through an optimized on-site blog with:

  • Relevant, evergreen, professionally written content published automatically to your leadPops ConversionPro Website
  • Call-to-action links strategically inserted throughout the content to pull consumers into your gamified leadPops Lead Funnels (plus, the dates on these CTA links are updated every day to ensure visitors know your content is current)!
  • Built-in opportunities to promote and share your content on all of your marketing channels
  • CTA banners and embedded leadPops Funnels right inside your blog sidebar

Ready to start publishing content that drives new leads into your capable hands?

Sidestep The Struggle

With leadPops’ ConversionPro Blog Service, you can instantly publish
a library of blogs & post monthly on autopilot

You can have a thriving blog that you don’t have to manage.

You’ll be regularly posting high-quality, thoughtfully written content into a framework that’s optimized to convert leads without a second thought.

With the leadPops ConversionPro Blog Service, everything is done for you — on autopilot.

Not only will your website be a rich source of important information that helps you build trust with visitors, you can put your blogs to work in other ways. Share them on social media, email them to your list, and reignite conversations with cold prospects.

This is how you get in front of your target market again and again.

You’ll have a library of valuable content that answers your prospects’ questions about getting a mortgage. And yours will be the name they think of when it’s time to buy a home.

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