Boost your Brand with Facebook Video Ads

How do you know that YOUR business is standing out to the average Johnny Homebuyer? Tons of mortgage professionals shell out money for Facebook advertising, but how do you know you won’t get lost in the mix?

Drown out the noise and launch your Facebook Video Ads to stick in your prospect's mind.

Your brand will thank you.

Launch My Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Video Ads Facebook Video Ads

Do you want results like these?

112 Leads for $7.86 each in California!
491 Leads for $2.93 each in New York!
114 Leads for $4.54 each in Miami!
106 Leads for $2.64 each in Ohio!

And videos like this for your business?

Your Facebook Video Ads are designed top-to-bottom
exactly for your mortgage business.

Unique Content to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Optimized Facebook Targeting

24/7/365 Lead Follow Up Add-on

24/7/365 Lead Follow Up Add-on

Conversion Focused, and Mortgage-Specific Video Content

More Engagement than Static Images

Countless CRM Integrations

Launch my Facebook Video Ads

Stand out with Professional Video

Producing high quality video content doesn’t happen by accident. Your clients will recognize that you’re capable of creating professional videos which insinuates your closing deals and have great online credibility. You’ll even appeal to people who aren’t in the market just yet, because they’ll remember you when they DO need a loan.

Facebook LOVES Video

Another reason video content stands out in the crowded mortgage market is because Facebook loves video. Facebook users engage with video more than any other medium, so Facebook loves serving your video ads up on a silver platter. As a result, Video Ads get more impressions than standard Joe Schmoe graphic ads.

With your Facebook Video Ads, you can unleash the power of video onto the Facebook Ad landscape. You’ll stand out from your competition and stick in your future client’s minds.

Mortgage Specific Videos Designed
to convert leads for YOU.

Your leadPops Facebook Video Ads are professional grade with an added dynamic that makes them better than any hipster agency product. leadPops Facebook Video ads are conversion-optimized. We don’t wear a fedora and create these videos for the simple goal of looking good.

We develop these Facebook Video Ads to motivate the viewer to take an action (to become YOUR CLIENT).

These aren’t purely informational videos explaining how refinancing a mortgage works or a boring talking head describing the ins and outs of applying for a loan. We are lighting a fire in your audience to enter your Lead Funnel and fill out their info.

If you invest in Facebook video ads that aren’t designed to convert, you’re wasting your money.

If you want to stand out in the Facebook advertising landscape, you can invest in conversion-optimized video ads that leadPops custom builds for your business and brand. You’ll stand out in a crowded market, and your brand and logo will be the one viewers remember. Video Ads convert just as well as Graphic ads with the added bonus of boosting your brand.

Schedule a DMA with one of our Marketing Experts today to see how you stack up against your competition, and to see where Facebook Videos Ads could fit into your marketing!

If you’re already a leadPops client running our Facebook Ad service, contact your Marketing Success Advisor to get your Facebook Video Ads up and running ASAP.