Turn your boring lead-gen process into an interactive experience that prospects can’t resist

What are leadPops Mortgage Funnels?

Mortgage Funnels are quiz-style mortgage lead forms. They make it fun, fast, and non-threatening for borrowers to connect with mortgage professionals (that’s you!).

Pre-built, easy-to-implement leadPops Funnels deliver instant lead notifications, automated lead follow-up, CRM integrations, tracking and reporting, and much more.

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Generate Unlimited High-Quality Mortgage Leads

Generate unlimited high-quality
leads — all exclusive to you

When prospects get in touch through your leadPops forms, they give you all the details you need to start helping them with their mortgage needs.

Transform Your Snooze Worthy Lead-Gen Process

Transform your snooze worthy
lead-gen process into a fun & 
psychologically addictive experience

Your prospective clients will actually enjoy the process of getting in touch. More importantly, they’ll feel compelled to follow through.

Take Control of Your Realtor Partnerships

Take control of your
Realtor partnerships

​With leadPops, YOU get the leads — no more waiting around to hear from realtors. Just wait ‘til they start calling you for referrals…

leadPops has helped our clients generate over 3 million “ready-to-fund” mortgage leads since 2014.

Over 3K+ mortgage brokers, loan officers, mortgage companies, and banks use our turnkey tools to “gamify” their lead generation, track leads, and automatically follow up.

If you want to bring in 2x to 4x as many mortgage leads — without spending a single extra cent on advertising — start your free trial now.

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Generate Free Mortgage Leads

Ready to convert WAY more visitors into valuable leads?

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Put leadPops to work for you right now

Mortgage lead generation is a snore no more

leadPops unlocks your ability to…
Generate leads for 21 mortgage loan types

Generate leads for 21 mortgage
loan types
& 12 of the most
common real estate scenarios

Gather the info you need to qualify leads

Gather the info you need to qualify
in a way that feel fun, natural
and non threatening to users

Use the very same lead-gen tools

Use the very same lead-gen tools
and techniques that the “big
dogs” are using
— without
spending any extra money on ads

Power up your mortgage marketing with the same tech as Zillow, Bankrate, & other billion-dollar players

leadPops uses the same technology as the billion-dollar players in the mortgage industry, including Zillow and Bankrate. ^^ How do we know that? Because we’ve built and tested lead-generation systems for these very companies.

For only $97 per month, you can get access to enterprise tech without the enterprise price.


"I gotta be honest: I was totally in awe when these leads started coming in…

I think I’ve procured about 85 leads or something like that at this point. I’m just blown away by how much you spend on the ad and what you get as a rate of return on it from a lead standpoint. Honestly, the amount of leads we got for what we put into it from a financial standpoint… I think is amazing. It’s worked great."

Andrew Harkins, Branch Manager at Movement Mortgage Andrew Harkins Branch Manager Stars

Your leadPops account comes complete with expert mortgage marketing strategy, advice, & training

1:1 Training

Onboarding Calls

Get Online Marketing Support 24/7

24/7 Help Center

No-Wait Support Calls

Lead Conversion Webinars

Exclusive Facebook Group

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Or you can say, “Do It For Me, leadPops!”

Our expert team offers wildly effective mortgage marketing services, including:

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Pinterest Ads

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Realtor Partnerships

Mortgage Websites

Compel your best prospects to contact you with proven, pre-built forms & landing pages

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You’ll be up & running in less than 5 minutes

Before you dump more money into ads… try leadPops

Mortgage Lead Software Used by More Than 600 Mortgage Broker & Loan Officers EXCLUSIVE LEADS

Bring in Exclusive Leads

No bought-and-sold lists here. Just real, qualified,
"ready-to-fund" mortgage leads on demand for YOUR
business — with instant notifications when new leads come in.

Mortgage Leads Dashboard
Mortgage Lead Generation Technology FUN & EASY

Put your trust in a proven process

leadPops forms make lead generation fun for your prospects!
Visitors share their details willingly, feel invested in you, and
follow through.

Mortgage Funnels
32 Mortgage Lead Types 33 different ways

Flexible Forms For All Loan Types

leadPops includes 33 different ways to generate more leads
from your existing traffic. Our tools help you bring in leads for
21 mortgage loan types and 12 common real estate scenarios.

Mortgage Lead Funnels Software
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • 2x to 4x more Leads with
    $0 Extra on Advertising
  • Unlimited Highly Qualified &
    Exclusive Mortgage Leads
How to Generate Mortgage Leads How to Generate Mortgage Leads
  • Website Visitors
  • Paid Advertising
  • Fun & Easy Quiz-Style
    Lead Forms
  • 21 Mortgage Loan Types &
    12 Different Real Estate Scenarios

You could be talking to new leads 5 minutes from now

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leadPops takes the pain out of mortgage lead generation for both you AND your prospects.

Our tools are extensively tested for their psychological impact and “fun factor”. Meaning your new prospects will like you, trust you, and feel compelled to complete your forms. No bribery required.

Not only does leadPops improve your mortgage marketing visitor-to-lead conversions… you’ll get instant lead alerts, comprehensive lead tracking and reporting, and be able to automatically follow up with your leads.

There’s no limit on the number of leads you can bring in with leadPops. And best of all, your leads are exclusive to your business.

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“Gamified” / Quiz-Style
Lead Forms

33 Ways to Generate

Easy to Use / Easy to
Install Technology

Leads Generated Are
100% Exclusive to You

leadPops mesh perfectly with the tools you’re already using

In just a few clicks, leadPops integrates with the most popular CRMs and email systems. Plus, connect more than 2K+ apps via Zapier

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A Few of Our Successful Integration Partners

leadPops Funnels automatically integrate with many of the most popular CRMs and email systems, plus you can connect with over 2K+ apps via our Zapier connection.

  • Agent Legend Mortgage Lead Engagement System
  • Big Purple Dot Mortgage & Real Estate Lead Management Software
  • BNTouch Mortgage CRM Marketing Software
  • Cimmaron Mortgage Marketing Lead Manager Software
  • Homebot Lead & Referral System
  • LeadMailbox Mortgage Lead Management Software
  • LionDesk Mortgage CRM Software
  • MLO Shift Mortgage CRM & Marketing Automation System
  • Mortech Mortgage Software Solutions
  • Salesforce Lead Management Software
  • Shape CRM
  • Total Expert
  • Velocify Mortgage Lead Sales Software
  • Verse.io Mortgage Lead Follow Up
  • Wordpress Mortgage Website CMS
  • Zapier Mortgage Workflow Automation Software

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Go ahead and skip that next networking dinner. You won’t need it…

A few of the 3K+ clients using leadPops
With over 3 million “ready-to-fund” mortgage leads generated since 2014

  • Bankrate Mortgage & Refinance Leads
  • Capwest Home Loans
  • Cardinal Financial Mortgage Lending
  • C2 Financial Mortgage Lending
  • Equinox Home Financing
  • Fairway Mortgage
  • HomeBridge Financial Services Mortgage Loans
  • Movement Mortgage
  • National Bank of Kansas City Home Loans