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Meet Our Team

leadpops Team

Andrew Pawlak, CEO / Co-Founder at leadPops

Andrew Pawlak

CEO / Co-Founder

Robert Shuey, CTO / Co-Founder at leadPops

Robert Shuey

CTO / Co-Founder

Rosa Romaine, Chief Operations Officer at leadPops

Rosa Romaine

Chief Operations Officer


Christian Steverson, VP of Sales & Enterprise Partnerships at leadPops

Christian Steverson

VP of Sales & Enterprise Partnerships

Jason Monsef, VP of Product & Development at leadPops

Jason Monsef

VP of Product & Development

Cathlin Houle, Director of Client Success at leadPops

Cathlin Houle

Director of Client Success

Taylor Crumpler, Digital Ads Director at leadPops

Taylor Crumpler

Digital Ads Director

Peter Barankiewicz, Sr. Product Success Manager at leadPops

Peter Barankiewicz

Sr. Product Success Manager

Charles Dean, Sr. Client Success Manager at leadPops

Charles Dean

Sr. Client Success Manager

Mike Mahoney, Marketing Director at leadPops

Mike Mahoney

Marketing Director

James Keelin, System Administrator at leadPops

James Keelin

System Administrator

Josh Nevelson, Marketing Advisor at leadPops

Josh Nevelson

Marketing Advisor

Suzanne LaFlamme, Senior Marketing Success Advisor at leadPops

Suzanne LaFlamme

Senior Marketing Success Advisor

Chad Dotinga, Account Executive at leadPops

Chad Dotinga

Account Executive


Muhammad Salman, Director of Technology at leadPops

Muhammad Salman

Director of Technology

Sadia Shabbir, Sr. Q&A Engineer/Scrum Master at leadPops

Sadia Shabbir

Sr. Q&A Engineer/Scrum Master

Muhammad Nouman, Senior Software Engineer at leadPops

Muhammad Nouman

Senior Software Engineer

Steele Rocky, Senior Front End Developer at leadPops

Steele Rocky

Senior Front End Developer

Jazib Javed, Senior Software Engineer at leadPops

Jazib Javed

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Pilcz, Senior Product Designer at leadPops

Robert Pilcz

Senior Product Designer

Zain Ul Abdeen, Senior Web Developer at leadPops

Zain Ul Abdeen

Senior Web Developer

Umair Ali, Software Engineer at leadPops

Umair Ali

Software Engineer

Muhammad Kashif, Front End Web Developer at leadPops

Muhammad Kashif

Front End Web Developer

Hassan Sarfraz, Web Developer at leadPops

Hassan Sarfraz

Web Developer

Samina Kausar, Q&A Software Engineer at leadPops

Samina Kausar

Q&A Software Engineer

Umer Farooq, Web Developer at leadPops

Umer Farooq

Web Developer

Ali Maqsood, Web Developer at leadPops

Ali Maqsood

Web Developer

Ali Ehsan, Technical Product Admin at leadPops

Ali Ehsan

Technical Product Admin

Zeeshan Butt, Web Developer at leadPops

Zeeshan Butt

Web Developer

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