Kevin O’Laughlin

Honestly, I’m trying to keep up with the leads, but we have Agent Legend set up on them and that’s been working pretty well. I just pulled up my Agent Legend account on my long form leads, which I’m paying $1,000-$2,000 a month for … the response rate is like 58%. And then on my Facebook, we’ve been drawing a lot of rent vs. buy. My response rate on 74 leads is 42%, so 31 responded.

Obviously, that tells me contact info is good, which is probably the hardest thing with online leads. It’s just getting legit contact info. So, that’s telling me they’re pretty good leads. As far as applications, we have a couple in the works. I’m trying to find more agents that are willing to work leads with us and team up and try to convert these at a higher rate. Everything’s been great!